Hodge Economic Consulting and MassINC release new report on Massachusetts Gateway Cities

Working collaboratively with MassINC’s Gateway Cities Innovation Institute, Dan Hodge authored a research report that examined state investment in Gateway Cities, assessed real estate development trends compared to Boston (which showed Gateway Cities not participating in economic recovery), and outlined ideas to enhance transformative development.  The report found that while Massachusetts is investing disproportionately in Gateway Cities, these investments are: a) dominated by education spending; b) there are few examples of larger-scale investments that can logically be connected to generating transformative development; and c) the state does not (yet) track investment or evaluate impact. Despite an infusion of programs and focus on the state’s small to medium sized cities, the real estate development trends point to a widening gap with Boston.  The report recommends a mix of higher state investment levels, stronger alignment of investment with targeted redevelopment strategies, and an increase in transparency and accountability.  The report was released at an event in Lowell with follow-up events in Springfield and Worcester.