Hodge Working with Appalachian Region to Help Address Declines in Coal Industry

For the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), Hodge Economic Consulting completed a major economic overview of the coal industry in Appalachia to quantify and better understand the recent and long-term decline in that industry.  The report includes state and county-level data on coal production and employment depicting how the region has been declining slowly for decades but is facing a much steeper contraction over the last few years.  He also evaluated coal exports, transportation implications of the coal industry, and retirements of coal-fired power plants.  Hodge is also collaborating with the ARC to implement a follow-up study entitled “An Economic Analysis of the Coal Industry Ecosystem in Appalachia” based on his recommendations for additional research.  Finally, Hodge has been engaged by the North Carolina Department of Commerce’s Rural Economic Development Division to help assess the extent to which their rural Appalachian counties may be considered “coal-impacted.”